The Strange Agency


The Strange Agency is largely the work of Lucas Kuzma. It started out around 2008 as an audiovisual app company, now under Strange Software, but quickly branched out into other services. We worked closely with Brian Kuzma along with a variety of talented freelancers on projects ranging from apps to e-commerce. Currently TSA is focused on creative computation and the frontiers of AI.

Lucas also produces traditional generative art as Verdant Systems and electronic music as Claus Muzak.

Between 9 and 5, Lucas also works with Berlin startups in an engineering leadership capacity.

But against the acceleration of networks and circuits, we will also look for slowness; not the nostalgic slowness of the mind, but insoluble immobility, the slower than slow; inertia and silence, inertia insoluble by effort, silence insoluble by dialogue. There is a secret here too. — Baudrillard